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Adjustment and maintenance method of gear pump gearing

Author : Xiong Date : 12/1/2017 11:56:34 AM
Adjustment and maintenance method of gear pump gearing
Gear oil pump gear after overhauling the refitted, first make movable jaw coupling and fixed jaw coupling in full gear teeth meshing position, then two fixed bolt positioning plate loose but not twist off, on the joint lever assembly locating pin inserted into the positioning plate on the back side of the hole in the gear pump.
If the long slots on the positioning plate has been transferred to the limit, the positioning pin still cannot be inserted into the hole, the need to reinstall the joint lever assembly, change the spline coordinate position, adjust, tighten the two retaining bolt positioning plate and the fixed bolt joint lever assembly.
Finally, should pull (joint lever assembly for several times repeatedly, movable jaw coupling should slide freely, from the peep hole observation, two teeth coupling joint position should be full tooth, the separation position should be full release.
Method of maintenance of gear pump
1. Often add fat, the electric oil drum pump is running at high speed, the grease is easy to volatilize, so the lubrication of the bearing should be kept clean and replaced.
2, check repair gear pump, electric oil pump should be regularly check, repair, must check the power cord, wire, plug, switch are in good condition, whether the insulation resistance is normal, brush the tailstock is loose, commutator and brush contact is good, the armature winding expansion of stator winding is a moderate level open circuit phenomenon, whether the damage of bearing and rotating parts and so on.
3, save each parts and exchange the same parts, when overhauling the gear oil pump, every parts shall be kept well, it is important to pay special attention to the explosion-proof explosion-proof surface of part, including hair, insulation gasket and injury of casing can't make it, if there are any damage, must change the new parts, the same shall not adopt any of below raw material substitute materials or the performance of the original specifications of parts, assembly all parts should be packed according to the original position, can't miss.
4. The gear oil pump should be used to measure the insulation resistance of the windings before using the electric pump which is not used for long time or used in humid environment. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the shell is less than 7 trillion ohm, the winding must be dry.
5. Be careful to keep electric pumps in a dry, clean and non-corrosive atmosphere.

The above:The selection principle and basis of gear pump