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Gear pump 4 major repair points

Author : Xiong Date : 11/28/2017 5:16:24 PM
Gear pump 4 major repair points
As the growth of the use of time, will appear the gear pump oil shortage, not even oil pump failure, the main reason is the excessive wear. Wear and tear of the gear pump parts mainly include the drive shaft and bushing, passive gear center hole and the shaft pin, pump shell lumen and gear, gear face and the pump cover and so on. After lubricating oil pump wear can not meet the requirements of the main technical index, dismantling, should be find out position and degree of wear and tear, and adopt corresponding ways to repair.
1. The repair of the crack in the shell of the lubricating oil pump, the crack of the shell can be made of 508 nickel-copper welding rod. The weld shall be close and the air hole, which is not greater than 0 with the planar plane degree error of the pump cover. 5 mm.
Driving shaft bushing hole with the driven shaft hole repair of wear and tear, and the active shaft bushing hole wear, ream method to eliminate the wear marks are available, and then with increasing to the corresponding size of the bushing. The driven shaft hole wear also to ream method to eliminate wear trace, and then press ream holes after the actual size of configuration driven shaft
Pump shell lumen of repair, the pump shell cavity after wear, generally adopt the inner cavity set of method to repair, the inner cavity lining lined with iron or steel sleeves. Big set set, the inner cavity lining to the required size, and grinding out of end face of the bushing, combined with pump shell surface level.
Repair, the seat of the pressure limiting valve, which has two kinds of ball valve and the plunger valve. Ball valve seat wear, can put a ball seat, and then gently tap on a steel ball with metal rods, until a ball valve and valve seat seal. Such as seat wear serious, can remove grinding crack ream first, with the method of closed again. After the plunger valve seat wear, can put a few valve sand grinding, until it is closed.
2. Repair of the active shaft and liner wear
After gear pump drive shaft and bushing wear, increase the tolerance clearance, will affect oil pump. In case of this, methods of drive shaft and bushing can be used to restore the normal fit clearance. If the drive shaft wear light, simply press out the old bushings changed into standard size of bushing and fit clearance can be restored to allow range. If the drive shaft and bushing wear and fit clearance exceeds bid badly, not only to replace the bushing, and drive shaft and chrome plated or vibration welding method was applied to be diameter increase, and then grinding to the standard size, recovery and bushing with requirements.
3, the gear is flipped and used
Wear gear pump gear is mainly in the area, and the gear end face and wear and tear on the top of the tooth are relatively light. Gear tooth thickness in site are unilateral wear, so gear can be used to flip 180 degrees. When the gear face wear, but will face smooth, combination grinding lubricating oil pump shell surface at the same time, to ensure the clearance of gear face and the pump cover within the scope of the standard.
4. Repair of pump cover
Working plane of the repair, if the pump cover surface wear is small, can use manual grinding method to eliminate the wear trace, which put a little on the platform or plate glass valve sand, and then put the pump cover for grinding, eliminate until the wear trace, work surface is flat and level. When the pump cover work surface wear depth more than 0. In 1mm, it should be used to repair the grinding after cutting.
The repair of the active shaft bushing hole is the same as the repair of the active axle bushing on the pump cover and the repair of the active axle bushing of the shell body.