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The development direction of the gear pump

Author : Xiong Date : 12/23/2017 8:45:00 PM
The development direction of the gear pump

With the progress of the society, the increase of population, living standards improve, people enjoy life more and more interest, brought great pressure to our country energy, energy conservation is imperative, therefore, looking for sustainable development. Early are full hydraulic gear pump, due to the need of environmental protection and energy saving, and mature application of servo motor and the price dropped substantially, the electrodynamic precision gear oil pump in recent years more and more, in order to analyze the development trend of potow hon hai pump industry the features list:

1, full hydraulic gear pump in the aspect of forming precision, shape of complex products has many unique advantages, it is from the traditional single cylinder liquid type, multi-cylinder liquid type development to the present two plate straight pressure type, of which two plate direct pressure type is the most representative, but its difficult to control technology, high machining precision, hydraulic technology is also difficult to master.

2, the whole dynamic gear oil pump has a series of advantages, especially in environmental protection and energy saving advantages, according to the report, the more advanced the electrodynamic gear oil pump power saving can reach 70%, in addition, due to the use of servo motor injection of high control precision, speed and relatively stable, can also be multistage regulation. But the electrodynamic than on the service life of the whole hydraulic gear pump, gear pump and hydraulic type to ensure the accuracy of gear pump must be used with closed-loop control of servo valve and servo valve is expensive, cost rise.

3, electric, hydraulic and electric hydraulic gear pump is set in the integration of new type of gear oil pump, it is a blend of full hydraulic gear pump of high performance and full of dynamic energy saving advantages, the combination of electric and hydraulic compound has become a gear oil pump gear pump technology development direction.

In injection molding product costs, electricity accounted for a considerable proportion, according to the demand of equipment process, gear pump gear pump oil pump motor power consumption accounts for the proportion of the consumption is as high as 50% to 65%, thus great energy saving potential. The all-electric injection machine has a natural advantage in energy saving effect, but as mentioned above, the cost of manufacturing of this type of machine is high, which limits its application scope. At the same time, it is difficult to develop the technology, which is almost monopolized by Japanese enterprises. Although China sea, east China and other plastic machine enterprises have introduced the self-developed all-electric injection machine, the technical reliability of its products remains to be tested by the market. In the author's opinion, in the short time, domestic all-electric plastic machine is difficult to compete with Japanese equipment.

Energy saving technology is introduced into the general injection machine to develop energy-saving injection machine, which is also an important trend in the development of international and domestic injection machine skills. This kind of technology mainly has variable frequency energy saving energy, variable pump energy saving energy and servo control energy saving energy, energy saving effect can also reach the range of 30 ~ 70%.

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