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Maintenance of hydraulic system

Author : Xiong Date : 12/4/2017 7:15:49 PM
Maintenance of hydraulic system
The fault of the hydraulic system is manifold. These failures have caused by a hydraulic components failure, have a plenty of multiple hydraulic components in the system of the comprehensive factors, partly because the hydraulic oil pollution, also have a plenty of caused by mechanical, electrical, and outside factors. Although these faults cannot be easily observed, like mechanical failure for testing than electrical system is convenient, but the hydraulic elements are under the condition of lubrication to fully work for the hydraulic system are reliable overload protection device, such as relief valve, rare metal parts damaged, badly worn. Some fault can be ruled out, using the method of adjusting some fault available replacement of wearing parts (such as seal ring), in the hydraulic oil, or change of individual standard hydraulic components or clean the hydraulic element method. Only partial failures are due to the use of the equipment for years, and the accuracy of the accuracy can be repaired to restore its performance. Therefore, as long as familiar with the principle of the hydraulic system diagram, familiar with the structure, performance of various hydraulic components and role in the hydraulic system and the installation location, understand the status of use and maintenance of the equipment, take the initiative to work closely with the operator, carefully analyse the causes of failure may be, use "inside outside after the first", "after the first", "wash after repairing the" first step, most of the faults can be quickly ruled out.

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