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Unload liquid control one-way valve

Author : Zhou Date : 12/28/2017 10:06:07 PM
Unload liquid control one-way valve
What is an unloading control one-way valve?
The external leakage type only solves the problem of the influence of the back pressure on the minimum control pressure of the reverse outflow oil chamber, and the problem of the difficulty of opening the one-way valve is not solved due to the high pressure of B cavity.
It is in the main valve core of the one-way valve with a small cone valve core, when reverse flow opens the main valve core. Control the piston to only remove the small cone valve (uninstall valve core at a small distance. B is connected to A, and the reverse flow from the B cavity is first passed through the opening of the small valve to A. Bring down the pressure of the B cavity, and then control the piston without much effort to open the main valve core. Let the oil flow reverse.
Due to the small pressure area of the unloading valve core, even if the B cavity is high, the force on the small unloading valve core is small. This is a two-step opening valve. It can greatly reduce the control pressure required for reverse opening.

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